The KSecurity ATM system has been designed to protect clients from unauthorized access, theft and vandalism against ATMs or other objects, static or mobile. The system is able to detect any attempt to open, force and break and allows the cash-in-transit team to send a panic signal in case of an attack.


Detection of ATM or ATM security door opening attempt

  • Detection of any attempt to penetrate the ATM protection walls
  • Status regarding the closing / opening function of the ATM and its protection door
  • Video detection in case of signal failure or interruption of the primary video camera and the one above the ATM
  • Motion detection on the video image
  • Automatic alarming of the system in case the ATM door is closed by the cash-in-transit team
  • Alarming in case of a targeted attack on the cash-in-transit team (panic button located on the ATM housing)
  • Remote alarm transmission and monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of the system status
  • System integrity monitoring and centralized reporting
  • Optional intrusion detection function for the technical rooms of wall-mounted ATMs

In addition to the products detailed above, we offer multiple extensions and accessories to develop the functionalities of the main products.

  • KGuard PWR is a switching source designed for security applications.
  • KGuard keyboard KPD provides arming / disarming functions, time/presence settings and general system operation for KGuard panels.
  • KGuard ETH is an Ethernet communicator that allows KGuard CPUs and DCUs to connect directly to IP networks.
  • The KGuard CIM burglar alarm module is an equipment connected to the serial panel, which extends the number of zones and outputs of the processor.
  • KGuard ISO is an optical isolating repeater for RS485 communication lines.
  • The KGuard DCE access control extension plugs on the DCU board provide independent or network access control for up to 4 doors.
  • The KGuard LED is a 3-digit counter for access control filters.
  • KTotem is a stainless steel pillar, specially designed for LectR