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Softrust Vision Analytics has developed the application with which, in just 4 seconds you can blur the faces on any video to avoid the GDPR fines

If you made a video with your cell phone, you work in the mass-media and make video reports, or you are the security manager of a video monitored site, you should know that when using or publishing raw images with the faces of people who appear in the footage, for which they did not explicitly agree to be published, you could be faced with sky-high fines.

In order to be able to transmit filmed materials with the purpose of informing citizens or friends on social media in a short time or to secure a certain perimeter in accordance with the GDPR provisions, the Romanian technology company Softrust Vision Analytics has developed the first fully anonymizing solution in Romania, which is based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

Basically, using SeVA GDPR after downloading the filmed material, which can be processed wholly or in part, with a simple click there will generated a new video, with all the detected faces blurred. There are four ways to process images, depending on the level of accuracy required. In terms of time, our solution responds to the need for speed that characterizes mass-media, social media and ensures the security of any type of space, private or public. For example, from a 1 minute clip, in 4 seconds a derivative, anonymized one will be generated, the last one being fully compliant with GDPR legislation. Any standard video card can be used with SeVA GDPR.

SeVA GDPR is based on state-of-the-art, deep learning artificial intelligence algorithms and functions regardless of the video resolution.

As for the media, in just a few seconds it is possible to obtain the anonymization of a filmed material, without any intervention of an editor, shortening the working time of the news teams.

We have developed a real-time image processing version for security systems. Our clients can use the installed security infrastructure, the known operational procedures and the same personnel since SeVA GDPR has only a complementary role and offers the protection of personal data that are accessed through the footage.

The price of this application developed in Romania is of a few cents per each processed video.

For more details about this solution please access www.softrust.ro or contact us at the following e-mail address: office@softrust.ro.


Softrust Vision Analytics is a Romanian company that develops and implements state-of-the-art security solutions for companies and institutions in various fields: banking, transport, critical infrastructures, industrial parks, retail, restaurant and tourism, educational institutions, central and local administrations, hospitals.

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