Softrust Vision Analytics is a Romanian company founded in 2011 that develops and implements state-of-the-art security solutions, in an attempt to help organizations and institutions identify critical threats, save time and resources that could be relocated to investigate alerts that do not require immediate attention.

The solutions we have developed use artificial intelligence to separate critical risks from routine activity in a security system, identifying chains of activities that generate risks and providing clear information to security teams in their efforts to counter attacks.


Softrust Vision Analytics aims to be the partner of choice for implementing a modern security system that uses artificial intelligence to quickly identify the risks you face. We are able not only to implement solutions adapted to your needs, but also to offer you specialized consultancy.

We are environmentally friendly and we embrace a transparent way of working in the relationship with our employees, partners and customers.


Softrust Vision Analytics’ mission is to develop and integrate solutions that ensure the security of people, spaces, objects and processes. Using deep learning algorithms, we want to enrich the security concepts and distinguish ourselves in this field. We achieve this by providing high quality, versatile products developed by our qualified and experienced employees.



We are a technology company for which innovation and creativity are essential. For each product and solution that we launch on the market, our young and passionate team generates a competitive concept that is the result of a new vision on security and brings added value to the customers who uses it.


Softrust Vision Analytics has very solid expertise in the field of security, is a reliable partner for customers, regardless if they are industrial parks, banks or critical infrastructures. We develop and provide professional, customized, integrated solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art products and algorithms that incorporate artificial intelligence, developed in-house, in compliance with the highest security standards.


We believe in setting high quality standards for the solutions and services we deliver to our clients and in adopting an impeccable moral conduct. We appreciate honesty and take pride in what we do.