SeVA SMART Connector
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SeVA SMART Connector

Current security systems are increasingly complex and tend to cover, in addition to traditional and conventional roles, other useful functions of the customer’s activity (for example: people counting, identifying areas of interest in a store, etc.) 

At the same time, operating such systems becomes a challenge and the best approach is to unify them into a single interface. This aspect, which might seem easy from an architectural point of view, is very complex when it comes to implementation because the subsystems are produced by different manufacturers, are of different generations or use different technologies.

SeVa Smart Connector

SeVA SMART Connector is a product designed and developed to support the integrated approach of all systems and subsystems, providing the end user with the necessary functions for this purpose:

  • Integration of both analog and IP CCTV systems with the sMs system for a unitary and integrated use
  • Integration of various CCTV systems, produced by Softrust Vision Analytics and other companies
  • Mixing CCTV systems from various manufacturers, while the compatibility list can be extended based on API / SDK
  • Centralized display of video data, regardless of the type of camcorder used as source

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