KVision DVR
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KVision DVR

KVision DVR is a modern technology used for the surveillance and recording of video and audio data, in a digital format, having the capacity to store and process information, but also to generate databases available for a long time.

It can also be interconnected through IP networks, generating a complex solution, that is capable of meeting the most demanding security requirements.

KVision-DVR is a mature video recording solution, successfully tested within complex systems, which we have implemented with clients in various fields. It provides stability, reliability, has premium features and is a must-have element for any security concept.


  • Provides automatic monitoring functions of the cameras status and the integrity of the recording database, increasing the operators’ level of confidence in the system.
  • Allows searching, almost instantly, of recorded images and playing them locally, or on any client in the network
  • Is a video recording equipment for analog cameras, providing an open platform for the integration of any type of cameras.

We recommend this product for medium and large targets, for which security managers don’t want to invest in a fully digital video surveillance solution for the moment, but they need the reliability and features offered by partially digitized systems.

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