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Softrust Vision Analytics launches a new product range, named SeVA, that integrates electronic security systems

During the ”Private Security Day” exhibition and conference, organized on the 16th of November 2018, at J.W. Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, Softrust Vision Analytics launched its most recent concept, aimed at protecting critical infrastructures, utility companies (electricity, gas, water), telecommunications ones, banking units and hypermarkets: SeVA Gateway.

SeVA is a range of equipment which is revolutionising the classical security systems, based on static procedures, by using artificial intelligence (AI) for the interpretation and integration of the disparate systems. Thus, the equipment is gathering data from different systems installed on site, they analyze it, correlated with the information gathered from the video cameras, with the purpose of identifying threats and critical events that can’t be self-evident in case of using a procedure based system. Moreover, SeVA ensures communications with different security monitoring systems (PSIM, VMS, dispatches) or business activities, by supplying valuable information to increase the level of security and to optimize the technological and business processes.

By use of artificial intelligence, which it incorporates, the SeVA platform ensures useful information retrieving from the video streaming aiming at identifying tendencies and situations which may not be observed if the monitoring is done automatically or by human operators.

SeVA can be used for INFOSEC systems as well and can be extended with software modules that approach the following aspects: anonymization of the video streaming as a result of the GDPR legislation, detection of drone and other UAV threats, detection of zero-day cyber-physical attempts.

SeVA contains a state-of-the-art video images processing engine, based on deep learning algorithms, that extracts conclusive information, with high accuracy. These data are operated by an artificial intelligence fusion module and correlated with information gathered from the other systems installed on site (intrusion detection, access control, technical alarms, fire detection and any other computer system that monitors a location and may contribute to the risk assessment).

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