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KExaminer is a product dedicated to the analysis of documents suspected of being false – identity cards, banknotes, official documents etc. Our solution allows the analysis of the objects in a wide range of light – normal light, UV and IR – in order to detect any type of falsification (imitations, erasures, false pigments, modifications etc.).

KExaminer Analiza Documente False


  • 3 Mpixel HD cameras, dual, color and black/white, with spectral sensitivity 250÷1100nm, with automatic and manual control of all the parameters
  • analysis in different spectral bands, from 254 nm to 1000 nm
  • displaying the absorption and reflection variations of ink pigments, being able to highlight aspects such as: cleaning inks, selection of pigments, reading overwritten texts
  • dedicated software application that provides full control of all the functions, automatic analysis, database with more than 2200 specimens of identification documents (passports, driving licenses, identity cards) from 180 countries and more than 20000 images with detailed descriptions of security signs, watermarks, holograms, response of documents to UV, IR illumination

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